A Bit About Me


I have found life to be an incredible journey with many doors to open, with rooms and hallways to explore . . . leading to more doors to open and so much more to explore.  To risk and open oneself to the doors of the universe and explore serendipity.

(delightful things discovered unexpectedly)

To find the courage to open the door to my dreams, live them, and discover all that the universe has to offer.

Each day is a wonderful gift to unwrap and experience and that is why they call today, “the Present Life is a gift.  What a shame to return it unopened.  Open yours today.  Don’t miss the chance.

I began my journey by entering my mid-40 crazies and discovered a bigger world than I had ever known. I sold my Milwaukee Veterinary Practice and gave up all that I had . . to discover all that I could be. I bought an converted Greyhound tour bus from a rock band and headed west to discover who lived inside my body and who I wanted to be when I grew up.

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