About Denny Hamann

Dr. Denny Hamann lives and works in California and Florida, writing music, living out his own dreams, and traveling extensively to bring his message of hope and love to all who listen.


I have found life to be an incredible journey with many doors to open, with rooms and hallways to explore . . . leading to more doors to open and so much more to explore.  To risk and open oneself to the doors of the universe and explore serendipity.

(delightful things discovered unexpectedly)

To find the courage to open the door to my dreams, live them, and discover all that the universe has to offer.

Each day is a wonderful gift to unwrap and experience and that is why they call today, “the Present”  Life is a gift.  What a shame to return it unopened.  Open yours today.  Don’t miss the chance.

I began my journey by entering my “mid 40’s crazies”, and discovered a bigger world than I had ever known. I sold my Milwaukee Veterinary Practice and gave up all that I had . . to discover all that I could be. I bought an converted Greyhound tour bus from a rock band and headed west to discover who lived inside my body and who I wanted to be when I grew up. I named my bus “Pegasus” . . the winged steed of Mercury . . only ridden by the god himself, or wanna’ be poets like myself. “Pegasus” became my magical steed, transforming my life from all I had known, to carry me to all that I could be. My compass was the words of my mentors . . “Be still and hear the quiet voice within” . . and “Go deep inside . . discover your highest good . . bring that forth and share it with the world”. My journey has been all about those words. Learning to trust and believe in the goodness of the Universe. The stars that guided ships in the night became the light that guided my path on my inner journey into self discovery.

I started piano lessons at the age of 5, having studied under numerous teachers and at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. I have always had a good ear for music, finding it much easier to play by ear than by the written music. As a young man, I put my music aside and devoted all of my energies into becoming a Veterinarian and building a successful practice. That is, until my mid 40’s crazies hit, and I realized my unmet dreams to create music.

I am a free spirit, on an incredibly wonderful journey, discovering so much about life and meeting interesting and exciting people as I travel.

I believe strongly in catching and living my dreams.  Believe in yours.

I live in a place where dreams are born and eagles soar, living a life that many envy but fear to fly by my side. I choose to go where most men only dream of. I believe strongly in my dreams and make make them my reality, living my life fully. I don’t want to miss a moment.

Thanks for stopping by. These sites are an interesting way to meet people. If you like who you see and what you read, perhaps our paths will cross. Remember, your curiosity opened this file. Careful what you wish for. Dreams do come true for those who believe in them.

I made the 6 o’clock news in Milwaukee


A Few of my Favorite Things

My Homes.  I spend my summers in Guerneville, California (Russian River) and winters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

My Work.  Veterinarian, Free Spirit, philosopher, friend, composer, writer, dreamer, musician, and much much more.

My Hobbies.  Traveling, camping, skiing, sailing, music (from country western to Opera) composing music (midi and all it entails), writing, dancing, people, and more.

Music.  An important part of my world. I am a composer, currently writing a new musical entitled, “The Dream Catcher”. This is the story of an 8 year old boy living with HIV in a world that tells him he has no future or dreams to live. It is a very moving, inspiring story of the importance of living your dream, no matter what your age or physical condition in life. For life is a dream to be lived – a journey into faith, hope and courage.

My First musical, “A Tribute To The Memory Of You” has been staged 42 times in various cities in the U.S.. “Tribute” is the story of a young gay man as he comes out to his family, struggles with religious values, falls in love, builds a world and a relationship, loses his lover to AIDS, an attempted suicide, and a resolution and finale’ that has brought every audience to their feet with tears in their eyes for a standing ovation and calls of bravo.

Both musicals are available for staging and are easily produced.

Goals and Philosophy

I seek to surround myself with men who think and believe as I. Those who want to live their dreams – – to be challenged, grow and be all they can be –  Physically, Psychologically, and Spiritually.

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.
— William Shakespeare
Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.
— Thoreau
Be Still and hear the Quiet Voice Within.
— Unknown
Fences are for keeping cows and frightened people enclosed. I choose to live in a world without fences — expanding my boundaries to the limits of my dreams. As the dream dies, so dies the man.
— Leather Daddy