Pegasus . . The Odyssey of a man through his mid 40’s Crazies


Pegasus.  The winged steed of Mercury, capable of being ridden by the god himself or wanna? be poets.  Since I considered myself a wanna? be poet, I named my bus, Pegasus.  A 38 foot bus, built by Flxible Co. of Loudenville Ohio in 1953  . . Since I fancied myself as  a writer of thoughts, wanting to live my dreams and ideas . . this was going to be my winged steed that would carry me, a successful Veterinarian,  from Milwaukee to areas where my dreams lived and that I longed to explore.  This is my first entry in my blog, to describe my journey as I entered my mid 40?s crazies and began to explore what else was out there and who did I want to become when I grew up.

My name is Denny Hamann and my card reads, Dr. Denny Hamann.  Veterinarian, Philosopher, Friend.  I will continue adding to my blog and let you know much much more about this incredible life journey I?m on that  began in 1983 and still am exploring and discovering more about life and who I want to be when I grow up.

There Pegasus stands . . Truly a remarkeable creation that got noticed everyewhere we traveled and carried me to my dreams