The Dream Catcher

An emotion charged new musical about a boy and his search for a dream in a world that says he has none.

Download The Dream Catcher script and score (zip file)

    Have you ever had a dream?  Been a small child facing impossible challenges?

Take part in this heartwarming musical of a young boy, his friends and family, and experience the unfolding of their dreams.

Laugh, cry, sigh, and remember the dreams of your youth as you visit Jo’s Place, the finest country western bar in Augusta Georgia. Where everybody comes to unwind, dance and sing.

Here you’ll meet the owner, Jo, her son Gilly, Brett and other medical students who frequent Jo’s Place as this story unfolds with heart rending longing for things we all want in life:  family, friends, health, and most of all, to love and be loved.

Set in today, yesterday, or tomorrow, this musical is easy to produce and will stir memories of the dreams of your youth, reminders of dreams common to many, rekindling a desire . . .  to make your dreams come true.

The Dream Catcher, is a new Musical by Denny Hamann which will touch your heart and hold you spellbound with its inspired book, beautiful music and lyrics. It is “a musical about the courage to live your dreams in a world that says you cannot.” Recently produced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  The Dream Catcher is now available for production.

All the material from The Dream Catcher is copyright protected, but is available to download free for your personal use and enjoyment. It is my goal to have this musical produced on many stages, in many venues.

Please email me for further details.