Producing The Dreamcatcher

An emotional musical story of a young boy living his dreams

A musical in two acts.  Easily produced with minimal props and staging

Production Notes

The straightforward design of this show supports many levels of production for stage, set and cast. First performed as a reading with minimal sound, light and props, the effect on the audience was profound.

A larger scale production might add easily changeable sets to further illustrate the setting, from scene to scene. Again, sound, lighting and appropriate props and costumes could be used to enhance the overall effect.

The beauty of the music is sufficient to carry the production, fully scale or minimal.

A skillful blend of musical styles and vocal settings make this production an effective showcase for a small number of strong leads, while providing ample opportunity to include ensemble players of all skills and ages. A spirited Texas Two-Step production number has proven to be an effective foil for the hauntingly beautiful melodies sung by the central characters.

Verdi-Puccini style compositions mingle with down home country along with a number of engaging solos, duets, and ensemble numbers to provide all audiences of all ages with a tow tapping, soul stirring experience revisiting the dreams youth, reminding us that, despite our differences, we are very much alike in our human endeavors to find happiness, and the realization of dreams in a world that sometimes says we have none.


The cast is made up of 6 principals.

The Dream Catcher
(tenor-baritone)  An American Indian. Powerful in stature and presence.  The pied piper of the show. The holder of dreams when one is blind to them and can’t let them in.

A young boy, 8-12 years old. Son of Jo. Living with Aids since birth.  Longing for his lost family and the world  he can find only in his dreams.

(soprano)  Gilly’s mother.  Blinded from the pain and fear of her childhood  and running from the torment of knowing  she gave her son Aids.  She lives her life drinking and doing drugs trying to numb the pain and block out the nightmares.

(tenor) Senior Resident of Neurology at Augusta Medical College.  A doctor, ex-lover of Jo, big brother to Hank and father to Gilly  (unknown to him at the beginning of the show).  A strong, but gentle and loving man.  But, like Jo, sometimes his fears hide these traits.  Still in love with Jo and always trying to help and save her.

(tenor-baritone)  A freshman at the medical college and newest one that Jo has set her sights for. Her newest “Fresh-man”.  The innocent type, a virgin to women like Jo.

(soprano-alto)  A nurse. The “mom” to the medical students.  An affectionate, loving woman who also tries to help  Jo, Brett and Gilly. Jo with tough love.  Gilly with warmth and comfort and Brett with support.

Ensemble Roles
Bartender, Santa, Students, family, horsemen (4)  dancers.

This musical may be produced simply like “Our Town” with minimal set and props,  or lavishly with lasers, high impact sound, etc..  Whatever the background may be, you will find the audience to be deeply moved, identifying themselves with the actors’ roles and rising to give standing ovations.

The song you now hear, “Does Anybody Want Me?” reflects the feelings we all share, when we are lost and searching for our dreams.

This is not an musical about Aids.  It is a story about having the courage to live your dreams when those about you tell you that you have none.  Please read the synopsis for a general overview.

The Dream Catcher was workshopped and produced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in spring of 2002.

Listen to the music available on this site, review and download the script.

Please contact me for any additional information or help I may provide.


Song List



The Dreamcatcher Theme


Honky Tonk Woman

The Shorts That Bind Me

Shorts That Jo Gave

Everybody Texas Two-Step


Does Anybody Want Me

Damn You Anyhow

You Gotta Have a Dream

All of My Life

All of Mom’s Lost Life

My Son


When Santa Claus Comes

Child of Mine

Help Me

His Name is Gilly

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Dark Night of the Soul


Hep Hep Hooray

When it Gets Dark Enough

Your Son is With Me

The Dream’s In Your Hands