Songs for Your Wedding

These original wedding songs were written for my daughter’s wedding and a very special Holy Union.



When My Eyes First Saw You

When my eyes first saw you,
I knew you were the one.
Don’t ask me how I knew,
you were the stars and the sun.
A soul-mate made in heaven.
The one I’ve longed for so.
The feeling deep inside,
told me our love would grow.
Walk-ing down the aisle,
nothing means more to me than you.
Each step I take I’m closer
to my dreams co-ming true.
To-day is called the present.
A gift that’s ours to share.
Come open ours together.
A gift of love, so rare.
When I say I love you,
I say more than a word.
A sweet-er sound than this
no it has never been heard.
I place my hand in your hand.
And I am not alone.
Together we can do,
together me and you,
together we can do,
what we have never known.


With This Ring, I Thee Wed

With this ring, I thee wed.
With these vows, that we’ve said.
Build a life, now together we.
Hopes and dreams, we will always be,
Joined you and me.
Our journey now, has begun.
Two were we, joined as one.
With this ring, all the world can see.
You and I, now together we.
I place my hand, in yours my love.
We can do.  Not as one, but as two.
Things that we could not do alone.
From this day,
hand in hand we’ll make our house a home.
For with this ring, I thee love.
Blessed by God, from above.
Dreams that once seemed so far away.
With this ring,
all my hopes and dreams come true today.
I place this ring on your hand.
I am yours, here I stand.
Pledge my love for eternity.
Wear this ring, so the world will see
the love that we share.
With this ring, I thee wed.
With these vows that we’ve said.
Build a life now together we wed.
With this ring!
With this ring!
With this ring!
I thee wed!